Blocked Drains In Brighton – The Rise OF The Fatbergs

brighton beach seafrontBlocked drains in Brighton are extremely common, and here is one of the big reasons why – we continue to flush horrible, nasty products down our toilets and sinks.

The city of Brighton is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK, offering a relaxed bohemian atmosphere, excellent bars and nightclubs, music venues, theaters and a beautiful beachfront, promenade and pier. All together, this makes Brighton a very popular place with both visitors from around the UK and foreign tourists, and being just an hour away from London, it makes for a nice weekend break for workers in the capital.

Due to its popularity you’ll find Brighton teeming with Pubs, Cocktail Bars, Restaurants, Hostels, Guest Houses, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Fast Food Chains, to name just a few, which are all contributing to drainage issues and the “Rise Of the Fatbergs” potentially in the Brighton sewers and drains. A very nasty prospect.

It wasn’t long ago, a massive Fatberg was discovered close to the seafront in the seaside town of Sidmouth in Devon, completely blocking the sewer system. The Fatberg consisted of mostly fat, grease, wet wipes, sanitary towels and other household items and products. The Fatberg measured at 64 metres long, which was the biggest South West Water had ever found, and took around eight weeks for drainage engineers to remove and clear the sewer.

The UK’s underground sewers built 150 years ago were just not made for the type of products which are today getting flushed away.

Since the early 2000’s Fatbergs have become an ever increasing problem, mainly due to products such as wet wipes, to the point where we could have an epidemic. So it’s time we as homeowners and businesses really addressed the issue, here below are some tips we can all implement to help prevent blocked drains and the nasty reality of Fatbergs causing havoc in our much loved city of Brighton.

What Actually Are Fatbergs

Fatbergs are congealed solid masses of waste, which gets formed in our sewage systems consisting mainly of household fats, oils, grease, wet wipes, baby wipes, sanitary towels, tampons, nappies, condoms, hair, twigs, plus a whole host of other items which cause blocked drains and sewers. Fatbergs start causing problems in our drains and sewers at all sizes, however huge Fatbergs have been found with the biggest in the UK topping 250 metres at Whitechapel in East London.

How Do Drains Get Blocked Up

Basically, normal everyday households as well as businesses are still flushing household and hygiene products and fats being poured down the sink or flushed down the toilet. One of the main contributors are fast food shops and restaurants. Thames Water recently researched and mapped out the location of Fatbergs and restaurants and discovered a remarkable correlation. They concluded that if you live within 50 meters of a restaurant or fast food establishment you are eight times more likely to have drain issues and flooding.

Most Common Causes Of Fatbergs & Blocked Drains

Fatbergs can cause problems whether they are large or small, these large fatty masses care caused by both household and hygiene products which do not break down with water, being poured down the sink or flushed down the toilet. It’s not all us at home to blame though, a large contribution to this problem are fast food outlets and restaurants. Here below are some of the main culprits.

Hygiene products – Sanitary Towels, Tampons, Nappies, Baby Wipes, Plasters, Condoms

Household / Commercial products – Wet Wipes, Grease, Fats, Cooking Oils, Food Waste, Kitchen Roll, Tights

Tips & Advice

  1. Stop pouring or flushing these non-degradable above items down the sink of toilet and dispose of them in the bin.
  2. When washing up, clear the waste food completely of the plate into the bin before washing up.
  3. Instead of pouring fat and cooking oils down the sink, pour it into a container and once filled, put the container in the bin.

Call The Experts

If you are experiencing any kind of drainage problems in Brighton, 1st Clear Flow Ltd are here to help. Our local knowledgeable engineers have a wealth of experience, and can get any blocked drain issues you may have fixed in no time at all. Visit our blocked drains Brighton page to view our full services or call 01903 212392.