What Is Drain Relining & Why You Might Need It

When you look around your house, you could easily point out all the things that you need to fix and change. The one thing that you may not notice right away is an issue with your drainage system and pipework. Signs of damage aren’t the most obvious thing to deal with in the home, and while you’ll notice a stench coming from the drains when there is a blockage occurring, you won’t know about damage to the drains themselves. This type of damage now – the damage you can’t see to the interior wall of the drains – can lead to serious issues in the home later on if not taken care of early.

Drain Lining – The Advantages

The best way that you can ensure minimal to no damage in the drains? Carrying out drain lining. This is a technique that can fix a lot of different issues in the drains. These can include joints that are leaking, stress damage or root intrusion. Radial cracks in the drains are usually caused by blockages in the pipework, and a drain that has been relined can give you a permanent structural repair. Drain lining can be guaranteed and it’s a non-destructive way to secure the pipework in the home because there is no need to dig down into the walls.

lined-pipeWhen you want to avoid a costly excavation to your property, drain relining could be the answer to your problems. It’s not just suitable for residential properties, but commercial and industrial properties, too. Drain relining is a far better, more cost-effective method for fixing drains compared to replacing the entire system. The idea is to have minimal disruption to your home life when drains need fixing, and relining can do exactly that.

How It’s Done

root-cutterA professional will assess the damage and decide how much of the drain needs to be relined; which is always preferable to an entire replacement. Cameras are fed down the drains to assess the damage and decide how the new lining will be prepared. Robotic cutters can be used to cut through any intrusions. Relining works when the pipes are repositioned, and the drains are thoroughly cleaned and with the section that needs relining being descaled. Equipment such as high-pressure water jets are used to remove scale and silt deposits, leaving drains cleared to be relined.

renoline-inversionThe drain is relined using UPVC relining sleeves, and this gets installed with air inflation and takes around three hours to cure. Once the drain has been cured, the tube gets removed and the drain is cleaned all over again to make sure that it’s ready with all dirt removed. Drain relining can be the best solution overall to your plumbing issue, especially if you want to avoid costly digging and excavation.

Once the pipes have been relined, inspection pits can be cut out to check that blockages have been removed. Another camera will be fed through the drains to check that everything has been cleaned correctly and all blockages are gone.

Why You May Need It

Drain relining isn’t something you just decide to do one day as part of a home upgrade. If you are noticing an issue with your drains, this is when to make your move. An experienced professional in drain relining can be exactly who you need to identify the issue and move forward. You can have a CCTV drain survey carried out and then follow-up by choosing to reline your drains with the result of the survey. Sealing holes and cracks in the lining of your pipes shouldn’t be something that you question, as any issues that you could come up against can mean expensive and sometimes irreversible damage to your house.

What Next?

Before you make any big decisions, you should weigh up the pros and cons between relining the drains and replacing them entirely. This includes working out the cost of both and the disruption each can cause. Consulting the professionals on the matter isn’t just a smart choice, it’s the only choice. You want to be able to make the right choice for your budget and drain relining is always going to be a better, more cost-effective option than replacing the system entirely. It doesn’t interfere with business activity and it doesn’t disrupt family life. Getting the drains inspected if you suspect there’s a problem is just good sense. Take the time to talk to the right people so that you can come to the best conclusion for your property.

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