Should I Try To Unblock My Outside Drain Myself

When your outside drains are blocked, it can cause all sorts of problems around your home. Naturally, you’re probably adding up the costs of calling in a professional drain unblocking service right away. But, it might be possible to unblock your drains without needing to call in the big guns.

So, we’ve compiled some advice on how you should clean out drains yourself, and when it might be time to hire a professional:

Get a set of drain rods

drain-rodsDrain rods are basically exactly what they sound like; rods that you stick down your drain. You can get them from all DIY stores, and pick up some waterproof clothing while you’re at it. Now, you’re equipped to unblock drains!

Find the source of the blockage

Go to the blocked drain and take the cover off. You might need a screwdriver handy, and it can sometimes take a bit of force to pull the cover completely off. When this is done, you can look inside the drain chamber. When there’s no water, it shows the blockage happened before the chamber. When there is water, then the obstruction is after it.

Get your drain rods out

Now, you need to use those drain rods you bought. Stick them into the chamber and start turning them slowly. This helps to clean the drain and clear any grease or grime away. You should also feel when you’ve touched a blockage and worked it free. Then, run some clean water through the drain to rinse everything away. We also suggest adding some bleach after for extra cleanliness.

After this, you should have an unblocked drain, which means you’ve saved a fair deal of money. But, things might not be as simple as this.

Common issues when unblocking drains yourself

Trying to unblock drains is no easy feat, and it’s far from enjoyable as well. You’ll likely run into a few common issues, which we’ve noted below:

  • Incredibly messy
  • Takes a lot of time
  • Sometimes almost impossible to remove the cover
  • Drain poles snap or don’t work
  • You can’t locate the blockage
  • Seemingly impossible to get rid of the blockage

Any of these things can happen, which end up making the whole process incredibly stressful. As such, you might be a lot better off hiring a professional drain unblocker to take care of it all for you.

What are the benefits of professional drain unblocking services?

clearflow-vanWhen you hire a professional to unblock drains for you, then you get the benefit of experience. They know exactly how to clear and clean your drains, and they have more tools to call upon as well. So, the whole thing can be done much quicker, and more thoroughly as well. Plus, it allows you to relax and avoid getting all wet and covered in grime – which is no way to spend your weekend!

So, should you try to unblock your outside drains? It’s definitely worth attempting this, but be aware that you might fail, and there are some common problems you’ll run into. If you want to save all this stress, or you’ve tried to clear your drain with no success, then contact 1st Clearflow LTD today. We’re drainage experts that can unblock any drain with an extremely professional service. Give us a call, and we’ll help you out.

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